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Ticket Info

Pricing Tickets can be purchased through our app

Round Trip Kaibo
20 KYD

CBay - Kaibo / Kaibo - CBay

Adult One Way Kaibo
10 KYD

Adult One Way CBay - Kaibo Or Kaibo - CBay

Children Round Trip Kaibo
10 KYD

Child (under 44” height) Round Trip CBay - Kaibo / Kaibo - CBay

Round Trip Rum Point
25 KYD

Round Trip CBay - Rum Point / Rum Point - CBay

One Way Rum Point
12.50 KYD

One Way Rum Point CBay - Rum Point or Rum Point - CBay

Child Round Trip Rum Point
12.50 KYD

Children (Under 44" height) CBay - Rum Point / Rum Point - CBay

Airport Collection
200 KYD

Private airport transfer to your nearest dock

Private Charter
200 KYD

Book The Entire Boat! Priced based on destination and number of passengers Starting at $200 per hour

Tickets can be purchased through the Cayman Ferries App. Download it here.

Why should I download the cayman ferries app?

By downloading our app you will be able to purchase and redeem tickets enjoy benefits such as real-time notifications, ferry tracking, real time schedule and much more!

Can I purchase tickets aboard the ferry?

No, you cannot currently purchase tickets onboard. All tickets must be purchased in advance to boarding for your trip via the Cayman Ferries Iphone & Android App. 

How long are tickets valid for?

Unactivated tickets are valid for 1-year. Activated tickets are valid for 90 minutes.

Please note, one-way tickets are valid for one way only and cannot be used for a round trip. Tickets cannot be used again after they have been scanned.

Can I use multiple tickets at the same time for myself and my family or friends?

Yes, just select the amount of tickets you would like to use all at the same time and activate them at once. 

The total number of tickets you activated will then be visible on the screen. 

You must keep your mobile app out and activated to show the deckhand at the gate when boarding.

 Please keep in mind, there is no priority boarding.  Ferry access is a first come first serve basis.

What payment methods are accepted?

The Cayman Ferries Iphone & Android app accepts all major credit cards. No cash is accepted on the ferry. 

I am a Cayman resident can I get a discounted price?

No! Our pricing is designed to offer a consistant price for all passengers. 

How do I get a refund?

All sales are final. Not for exchange, resale or transfer. Not intended for specific departure time, and can be used from up to  One year from purchase date. Lost tickets will not be replaced.

Can I bring a bicycle on the ferry?

Yes! All bicycles must have a valid ticket which can be purchased through the iphone and android app. Bicycles are only allowed when space is available. 

Is there a fee for bringing strollers on the ferry?

There is no fee for bringing strollers onboard the Ferry. However, Strollers are only allowed when space is available.

Am I allowed to smoke on the ferry?


Is there food & beverages sold onboard the ferry?

No! the majority of our desinations are close to food & beverage outlets. 

Lost & Found on Cayman Ferries

Cayman Ferry does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

Before disembarking the vessel, please check your surrounding area for items that may have been dropped or have fallen. All retrieved items will be returned to Lost & Found at the end of each day. Lost items are held for 14 days. Items not claimed within 14 days are donated to charity or properly disposed of or destroyed. To inquire about a lost item, contact providing a description of your item and the route, direction and time of day traveled.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages onto the ferry?

Yes! For the safety of our passengers and for a pleasant trip, we ask you to please drink responsibily and take all empties are garbage with you as you disemabark. 

Can I bring my dog on the ferry?

Well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome on the ferry .

How much does the ferry cost for my Kids

Kids under 44" travel free, Kids over pay regular price. 

How much does the ferry cost

KYD$10 each way or KYD$12 one way. 

When do the ferrys go?

The Cayman Ferrys follows a schedule please see posted schedule on our website (

Where does the ferry go?

he Ferry connects the North Side of Grand Cayman to the West Side (Seven Mile Beach) our scheduled departure point are Camana Bay, Kaibo at Rum Point, Newlands. 

How do I buy a ferry ticket?

All Cayman Ferry tickets are sold via the Iphone & Android app

Traveling With Children?

Children under the height of 44 inches Can ride for half price when accompanied by an adult. Please make sure children are accompanied by adults at all times. Strollers must be folded, unfolded strollers are subject to availablity.

Bringing Your Bike Along?

Bikes are welcome on the ferry. Before boarding, remember to purchase the $5.00  bike ticket. (riders who bring a suitcase-sized folding bike can keep their bike with them while traveling).  Cayman Ferries can accommodate  approximately bicycles based on availablity. Please note that there is a limit to how many bicycles the ferry can safely carry and if we reach bicycle capacity you may not be permitted to board with your bicycle.